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In the last decades, the non-stop urbanization has subtracted a lot of space from nature, replacing it with residential and highly polluting industrial areas. A real wild cementification.

Today’s human being has totally lost the connection with his own planet.

In our future humanity will need:

+ green + water + clean energy.
How it work


Technology has become even more complex and often does not reward the community with the desired results.

Demetracoin is the first project based on blockchain technology with the aim of redeveloping the urban areas.

Demetracoin owners will have access to all the services offered by the platform.


Demetracoin will start with the acquisition of unused lands in urban areas, where green islands will be created. Inside these islands, free fruit trees will be planted and green areas will be opened with free Wi-Fi where it will be possible to work outdoors, in the middle of nature.


Clean energy thanks to the Watly machine that we will install in our parks.

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The Watly machine allows to purify the water.

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The first land will be acquired in Italy at the gates of Bergamo, one of the Italian economic capitals. Within this land we will create an innovative eco-sustainable park. During the expansion phase of the Demetra network, the areas of the future parks will be decided alongside the community.

Worldwide expansion of Demetra network

We will unlock the funds for those who want to build Demetra parks.


Inside the park, a specific area will be used for working or co-working, exchanging ideas as well as finalizing projects, all in the outdoors. Inside the park there’s also going to be a solar farm and a Watly machine, which will produce enough energy to charge devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. In the vicinity of the work area, vending machines will be available from which you can make purchases using demetracoin.

In the central part of the park will be planted a lot of fruit trees, peach trees, apple trees, pears, figs, pomegranates, all free, we will also install a well of water. Near the entrance we will build an information center and a small shop from where you can buy gadgets.

In the park, activities and conferences related to the blockchain will be organized.


Thanks to the skills of our team and the impressive economic fabric that the country offers, we will be able to realize this project by counting on a network of collaborators: design studios, engineers, architects, gardening companies, computer studios.


“The green economy is the most effective response to the global crisis”.

Demetra parks will rise on unused land and a new standard will be broadcasted all over the world.

“’Eden Garden by Demetracoin, the solution to stress and pollution.
Eden garden is a model of a smaller park than demetra island, easier to export to the world. the garden will be built near the big cities, inside it will be planted fruit trees for free and only the owners of demetracoin will be able to enter the park’’.


How to transform former industrial areas, non-building areas and non-building zones, in Demetra Islands, innovation parks where the green urban areas, sustainable buildings and mobility of the future will be dominant.

Its name will be Demetra Island, the new Science, Innovation and Knowledge Park, that will cover defined areas in all the biggest cities in the world. Parks will extend on a million square metre surface, where offices, research centres, universities, residences and urban agricultural areas will raise. Many engineers, architects, agronomist, land surveyors and all the Demetracoin staff will develop project to define the park identity, and to choose the better marketing strategies for local, national and worldwide promotion.

Anyone who will invest in Demetracoin project will bring a global change in the human lifestyle, towards a sustainable future.

The site will be one of the first in the world to have autonomous cars and will be a barrier against pollution and city chaos, thanks to a dense network of pedestrian and cycling paths, green islands and body of waters. Demetra Island will be a futuristic quarter, designed for the internet of things (IOT) and for a driverless mobility, sustainable and completely enveloped in nature.


This innovative quarter was built around five cardinal principles: the creation of a linear park, long about a kilometre and a half; designing of common spaces accessible to all, in which will be laboratories, gardens and orchards, to enhance socialization; a principle based on open source designing, open and inclusive, where buildings can be reconfigured and change their destination based on those who live them; a typological scheme inspired by the landscapes of every international City; the application of an innovative, autonomous and ecological internal mobility principle, to enhance viability and make this site a model of advanced development for every city worldwide.


“It’s a green city that want to recover the man-nature relationship dimension, but also focused on utilisation and research.

The main protagonist will be the linear park that will connect every building in Demetra Island, becoming one of the greatest urban green lungs worldwide: “We wanted to transform abandoned urban areas in something new (said the Cryptocurrency creator, Alessandro Mari), bringing green where there was asphalt, to bring it to life. The idea is to create educational orchards, sky farms, vertical cultivations and sensorial gardens for students, workers, but mostly for everyone.


Another change regards the common ground: the project aims to create offices, research centres, universities and co-working areas, moldable residencies, urban agriculture and cultural spaces, meant to shape a place where it will be possible to experiment new working dynamics, new philosophies regarding inhabiting and living together.

Sites will serve great public functions: the research centre will be called Human Technopole, and inside will be created medical, technological, agrarian and sustainable development research centres, that will host from 1500 to 2000 operators.

Around the park will gravitate near 70 thousand people. Demetra Islands will become a place to experiment new ways of working, researching, inhabiting, be together and move around. A garden-city where to imagine a future modelled and re-modelled on its inhabitants needs (explain the founder, Alessandro Mari).


The internal mobility of the site is also inspired by environmental sustainability. Demetra Island will become a quarter designed to move around with an autonomous car. Through a gradual program of space conversion, starting from the centre of the park, the Science, Innovation and Knowledge Park will welcome autonomous cars, anticipating what will happen in several metropolises in the future.

Co founder Trovato Liborio explains “Autonomous cars have started to appear in the streets of major cities in the world, with experiments in Pittsburgh and Singapore. I believe that Demetra Island must play this game. Starting to bring these autonomous cars means to start thinking to new lifestyles, based on sharing and on hybrid transport systems, public and private”.

In this new scenario, to share a vehicle will become much more frequent: it will be possible to decrease the total number of circulating cars, while meeting the demand for mobility. Positive consequences will be traffic decrease, improvement of environmental quality, and the creation of new entrepreneurial and jobs opportunities.


“From their birth, around 10 thousand of years ago (said the founders), cities have always been the major agents of innovation. And innovation itself is at the centre of this project, by which Demetra Islands will become a place where to experiment new ways of working, researching, inhabiting, living together and moving around. The project aims to set new standards for urban transformations processes, planning the development of a green quarter, with public spaces full of life, where innovation is realized with an open planning approach.

With Demetra Island, the Science, Innovation and Knowledge Park, cities will begin to be the new global hub for services and research in life sciences. A project that will be unique and singular in the international landscape, becoming a model for a sustainable city to be shown to the world.


Demetracoin is a token generated within the Ethereum blockchain.

Our aim is to put the crowd in contact with the use of this new technology and this will possible thanks to the simplicity of Ethereum platform.

The max supply is 990 millions and 80% will be sold, the remaining 20% will be divided by the members of the team and all proceeds will be used for the realization of the project.


will be sold


Use of proceeds

  • Infrastructure 70%
  • Branding & Marketing 25%
  • Legal & Financial Overhead 5%


  • March 2018 – idea ✔
  • April 2018 - white paper ✔
  • July 2018 – website ✔
  • November 2018 - dema erc-20 token creation ✔
  • December 2018 - first green island design ✔
  • March 2019 - listed on Ether Flyer exchange ✔
  • April 2019 – initial exchange offering ✔
  • April 2019 – listed on coingecko ✔
  • 2020 - start work of first park for demetra owners ✔
  • Next step - presentation of first park for demetra owners
  • Next step - worldwide expansion of Demetra network
  • Next step - first 100% eco-friendly city for Demetracoin owners